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Adler & Colvin is a group of seasoned attorneys based in San Francisco, deeply committed to serving the legal needs of the nonprofit sector.  The firm brings an unrivaled depth of expertise and passion to its representation of tax-exempt organizations and individual philanthropists.

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Lobbying Overview for Private Foundations

Private foundations’ expenditures for legislative lobbying are prohibited as “taxable expenditures” by Section 4945 of the Internal Revenue Code. For the purpose of deciding what is prohibited lobbying, private foundations may rely on the definitions found in Sections 501(h) and 4911 of the Internal Revenue Code, which define lobbying for those public charities that have…


Determining the Date of a Charitable Gift

The date a charitable gift is “made” can be critical to the timing and valuation of the donor’s charitable contribution deduction. In general, a gift is made when it is delivered to the charity.

Our firm represents some of the most recognized and respected nonprofits and philanthropic organizations in the U.S.